SM Driving School Ltd., a wholly New Zealand owned and operated business, was established in 2010 by Clifford Sta Maria who has been in the motor industry for over 30 years. He passionately believes that the excessive road trauma of the day could be reduced if drivers were given the right guidance through driver training and driver education programs beyond the limitations of the driver licensing system.

SM Driving School is an NZTA approved driver trainer and driver education provider and its instructors are NZQA Qualified Driving Instructors, it is also a member of the New Zealand Institute of Driver Educators Incorporated.

What makes us different?

We emphasize higher level competencies such as taking account of human factors that can affect driving behaviour even before you, the driver, get into a vehicle, managing personal risk factors, and developing accurate self-assessment so that you continue to reflect on and improve your competence throughout your driving experience.

We coach and mentor every student from day one and make learning to drive easy to understand in a fun and relaxed environment with a coach and mentor who is enthusiastic, professional and can relate to you.

We are patient and we work well with first time nervous learners and teenagers. We aim to coach and mentor you, to help you become a better driver by increasing your awareness of all the factors that affect your driving i.e. knowing your own capabilities, the characteristics of the vehicle, the road and the traffic conditions. We will even help you achieve your goal of obtaining your driver's licence while becoming a responsible and safe motorist.

We incorporate and deliver quality researched based programs in New Zealand and we continually review our approach to road safety and driver behaviour modification, reflecting the latest research and best practice, to ensure that programs offered to you are effective in helping you apply safe driving strategies incorporating the human elements of motivation, awareness and skills, as these are important to improving driver safety behaviour.

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