Brandon says - The best driving school ever, nothing wrong at all besides Perfect!! (2011)

Alex says - SM Driving School is a very good one which has tapped into my capabilities as a driver and has harnessed them and perfected them giving me a greater confidence when going on the road. They provide a friendly environment with which essential skills are well taught and I can accredit my success in my driving test to the hard work and dedication of Clifford, who has thoroughly brought out the best in my driving abilities. I highly recommend SM Driving School, for it's done a great deal of benefit to me as a driver knowing that I can learn in a safe, friendly environment, and develop the skills I need to be safe on the road. (2011)

Jason says - Overall GREAT Instructor!!! (2011)

Kimberly says - Not only did I pass my restricted driverís test, but I consider myself a safe driver on New Zealand roads! SM Driving is certainly about ďSafe MotoringĒ. The structured learning developed my understanding of driving safety and techniques. Before, as an inexperienced driver, I was hesitant to get behind the wheel because I didn't want to face the risks, but, I gained confidence quickly after a few lessons. Clifford taught me techniques to help me remember what to do when parking and driving. I enjoy doing parallel parking and can manage difficult situations in roundabouts. Learned a lot! Thank You! (2011)

Alexi says - I have been driving in Russia for years before coming to New Zealand. However, I failed on my first attempt to get my overseas driving license converted. I contacted SM Driving School for a driving assessment and driving lesson. Clifford noticed the area of weakness and helped me improve on it. He also emphasised safe driving methods that I didnít notice when driving. I went for the test the 2nd time and I passed. Iím very happy with the results and will keep using the safe driving techniques Clifford has taught me. I will highly recommend SM Driving School to people wanting to get the best results in driving. (2011)

Kate says - I got back from Australia and I needed to get my full driverís license. I took 5 driving lessons from SM Driving School. I do not regret taking those 5 lessons as it was well worth it. Initially, Clifford assessed my driving (since Iíve been driving for a couple of years already) and he noticed some bad driving habits that Iíve developed through the years. He took me on different routes with different road conditions and even did night driving. He showed me safe driving techniques and proper vehicle control. It was fun learning from him as he really is patient. His approach to driver training is fun and relaxed. SM Driving School is the driving school to go to. (2011)

Vivien says - Having driving experience for 30 years I thought I would have no problems with attaining a driverís license in New Zealand. I was wrong! I went to 2 practical driving tests and had 2 different driving schools teach me. After my 2nd attempt I became very anxious about the driving test in New Zealand. SM Driving School came very highly recommended by one of my friends. I called Clifford and we chatted for a while and we fixed a date for him to assess my driving. He took real interest in improving areas where I had developed many bad driving habits throughout the years. He showed me hazard identifications, what I should do and what to look out for while driving and also proper techniques in carrying out the basic manoeuvers. I will fully recommend Clifford to anyone as the first port of call when looking for a good driving school. I will definitely recommend my husband gets his overseas driver license conversion done with Clifford and nobody else. (2011)

Lyn says - I am so happy I passed my full licence test, thanks to my driving guru Clifford. His continual emphasis on safety and good driving habits has prepared me well. His lessons are also fun, relaxed, and interesting, and more importantly, tailored to my needs. (2011)

Dany says - I went for a spin around Browns Bay with Clifford and he showed me all the areas where I could be tested on. He was able to help me alot with my parallel parking and gave me small tips that would guarantee I would pass a driving test. He was great and very explanatory and could identify very small mistakes that I was making. Thanks heaps for your help!!!! (2010)

Raffi says - The mock test helped me out a lot, it was very very useful. Plenty of helpful hints and certain ways of doing things were given by the instructor which was definitely useful. Good to get out on the road and see all the scenarios that were possible during the real restricted test. Good to understand what I was doing wrong and how I could have improved. Repeats of some of the mistakes I had done were useful as I could fix them up. Overall very calming to get practice before the restricted test and definitely helped me pass. (2010)

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